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Haworth Zody Task

A high-performing task chair, Zody blends science-based wellness and comfort with sustainability and international design. The product of extensive research and development, only Zody offers asymmetrical lumbar adjustments, providing user-selected support on each side of the lower back.

  • Features
    • Task chair with 4D arms
    • Back: Soft mesh
    • Seat: Upholstered in Haworth Grade A fabric
    • Seat Type: Standard adjustable 3"(76mm)
    • Arms: 4D with soft arm caps
    • Mechanism: Balanced 3-point tilt; standard tilt tension
    • PAL back system including lumbar adjustment
    • Back Stop: Tilt stop in 6 positions
    • Forward Tilt: 5 degrees downward from innitial position
    • Pneumatic height adjustment
    • Plastic five-star base on soft casters

    Worldwide Appeal

    Haworth’s Design Studio and ITO Design collaborated to blend the best of European and North American inventiveness within a fully ergonomic task chair that will always be in style. More than three million Zody chairs are in use globally today, a testament to the team’s focus on creating a chair that would appeal to and fit users from around the world. The light-scale aesthetic and options for knit and upholstery in a variety of colors mean Zody can take on any look—and work in any environment.

    Advanced Ergonomics

    Zody features a patented Pelvic and Asymmetrical Lumbar (PAL) back system that allows users to set their own comfort throughout the day. The pelvic support helps to maintain the spine’s natural curvature, while the lumbar pad offers independent fine-tuning for support on either side of the lower back. This unique system—plus a host of ergonomic adjustments, the flexible frame, and the knit or mesh back—serves to enhance comfort and well-being.