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Kuysen is a top-of-mind company for people who want to build and renovate. For over 30 years, Kuysen has been at the forefront in providing luxury furnishings to its clients and partners. Since then, it has always been committed to the pursuit for a better quality of life, and stayed true to its promise of delivering with exceptional quality and design to match its clients’ uncompromising taste.

Motivated by the same desire, Karousel was created to further elevate living spaces and improve home experiences. We have diversified into consumer products that will help you realize your home’s fullest potential so you can enjoy life’s special moments. Karousel as a brand is our attempt to create living spaces as inviting as a carousel so an inspired and motivated you can emerge.

We are your day-to-day companion – for the meals you share, the cleaning chores you do, the constant work hustle, the good rest you take after a long tiring day, even for your lounging or momentary pauses, and everything else in between.

Welcome to your new home experience. Welcome to Karousel.